"How to" awaken... "Comment" s'éveiller...


Il n'existe pas de "comment" ni d'étapes pour atteindre l'éveil, car comment pourrait-on atteindre ce que l'on est déjà ? Il s'agit plus d'une attitude, d'une ouverture, d'un désir profond, qui amène inéxorablement à la réalisation que "nous" le sommes déjà...

The follwing text was composed by an anonymous author. 
There are no steps to awakening. There is no practical guide. This is not about studying for a test in school, whereby if you do all the right things you will pass. Don’t waste your time with steps and process. And don’t run from the confusion which remains when you do not know how to proceed. It is the abrogation of this confusion by scripture, holy practise, attractive gurus, and practical steps that so often obfuscates the opportunity for true, deep awakening. If you wish to awaken, whatever you believe that to mean, understand once and for all that awakening is not about achieving something. So…
  • Realize that awakening only requires your willingness. There is a story: In ancient Greece an old couple lived in a simple cottage. They were very poor; their lives had been hard. One day the Gods visited them. The old couple, bowed down, shaken, apologizing that they had no food, no wine, nothing to give their guests. Except their willingness to be attentive. This old couple, bent low with age, attentive. The Gods treasured their gift and loved them, blessing them with Their breath and Their joy. 

  • Realise that awakening does not require finding a guru, a teacher. No one can tell you what is best for you, no matter how beautiful your teacher seems. Or how well the words resonate. It is easy to fall in love with the priests. It is easy to fall in love with faith. Forget the intermediary - give your passion to the breath of God within your own quiet heart. What matters is your own awakening, not that of someone else.

  • Realise that awakening is not about finding answers. An answer is something which satisfies previous conditioning and thought. Freedom does not require answers, it soars unhindered. Forget the questions and their pithy answers. Soar. 

  • Realise that you will loose nothing by awakening. You will not lose your lover, your friends, your career, you will not lose your ability to think and reason, you will not lose your ability to do the laundry. You will not lose anything, except your suffering. Drop what you never needed, and be free. 

  • Realise that awakening is not about happiness. Happiness, or sadness for that matter, are products of situation. They are temporary. Clutch only that which is permanent and everlasting, be that which never fades and is eternally new. Nothing else matters - let it all go. 

  • Realise that awakening is not about sudden deep insight or epiphany that ‘burns your ego away in the fire of truth’. This is just psychology, despite its appearance of deep transcendent truth. The epiphanies, the ‘fires of truth’ are just more tricks of the mind. They are what the Buddha called the temptations of angels - much harder to see for what they are than the more obvious temptations of devils. You do not need an epiphany. Satori is by its very nature, transient. Instead, embrace the eternal; and be free. 

  • Realise enlightenment is impossible. If you could be unenlightened one moment, and enlightened the next, then enlightenment would be bound by time, would be given substance by its opposite, would be dual, would be some ‘thing’ to be attained. You do not need to be something more. Forget the need and hope. Awake is what you are, not what you become. 

  • Be willing to notice. Look at the stars, the wind, the romp of birds through the sky. Be willing to be free. Forget the sutras, the wise sayings, the path, the seriousness, the pain, the wars, the relationships, the imagined problems. Forget your objections. Hush for a moment; gently, with arms wide and open, notice the absence of anything but Life. 

  • Be. Realize that only the ego wants to awaken. And be done with it.

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