Helping others helps you.

A great talk I've just discovered on LinkedIn by the author and entrepreneur James Altucher who talks about the power of helping others in order to help yourself.


Hey dear Ones, I haven't been updating my blog for quite awhile, and feel a bit sorry about it. But there was a good reason for that: as some of you might know, I moved to Scotland, :) And this radical change of life got me "a little bit" busy, until I could settle, in one of the most sacred land of our planet. I'll therefore sometimes post some messages related to this beautiful country and its celtic culture. In the meantime, Life goes on...as powerful as ever.
Blessings & Love


A message from Wayne.

For once, I allow myself to display the latest of Wayne's message (Wayne Liquorman alias Ram Tzu). Firstly it's beautiful. Secondly, people who know me will understand why I have...

"Hello my loves, Today I am in love with the world. Not for any particular reason. Other than the fact that it is amazing to be alive. To breathe. To eat a sweet, juicy peach. To touch the flesh of my beloved. To chat with a friend. Shake my head at the news...riots, disease, executions, atrocities... none of which are in my house at the moment. Scratch a bit of sleep from my eye. Catalog today's minor aches and pains and hope I am given the power to get down on the floor and stretch. The fish swim circles in the pond. I can see them without looking. Their problems are not my problems. Today I am in love with the world. This wild, intolerable, mashup, formlessly in order. I am always surprised to experience it this way. It is like when the sun comes out in Scotland. Probably a good idea to strip naked and enjoy it while it lasts! With love" (Wayne)


ÊTRE la vie, plutôt que de la vivre...

Tant qu'à faire, j'en publie une deuxième :)
Cet échange entre Mooji et cette sage en devenir, est tout simplement magnifique.

Choice or destiny.

A beautiful talk from Mooji, about the difference (if there is any) between choice and destiny...


In the memory of Robin Williams.

A man, an actor, a being that has been a true inspiration in my life.
R.I.P. Robin, you'll be greatly missed, but fully remembered and honoured.
Thank you for everything you've been giving to us : tears of sadness, and tears of joy included.
Rest in peace.


Never give up

"Never give up. 
No matter what is going on, 
Never give up.
Develop the heart.
Too much energy in your country is spent developing the mind instead of the heart. 
Be compassionate not just to your friends but to everyone. 
Be compassionate. 
Work for peace in your heart and in the world. 
Work for peace and I say again, never give up. 
No matter what is happening, no matter what is going on around you, never give up."


Multifaith bid to save River Jordan may inspire peace.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Beivushtang
" Could hydrology and spirituality succeed where politics failed ? "
En savoir plus...

Quand les humains ne peuvent faire autrement que de s'entendre....


Knowing why we're here...

"The two most important days in your life 
are the day you were born 
and the day you find out why."

(Mark Twain)

Spiritual running.

"You might not think of running as a meditation, but runners sometimes have felt a tremendous experience of meditation. And they were surprised, because they were not looking for it – who thinks that a runner is going to experience God? But it has happened. And now, more and more, running is becoming a new kind of meditation. It can happen when running." (Osho)

Source: http://osho-wake-up.blogspot.ch/2013/11/running.html
 It makes quite awhile that I wanted to pay tribute to the art of running, as it is not only one of the rare physical activity that I enjoy myself ;) but also because it can be taken as a great meditation and therefore, a spiritual practice. Here are a few quotes and resources related to it.

"If you can do long-distance running, it is a perfect meditation. Jogging, running, swimming-anything in which you can get totally involved--is very good.  Only the activity remains, you are not, because the ego cannot function. When you are running there is really only running, there is no runner. And that's what meditation is.  If there is only dance and no dancer, that's meditation. If you are painting and there is only painting and no painter, then it is meditation. Any activity that is total and in which there is no division between the doer and the done becomes meditation." (Osho)

Running toward stillness. / Stephe Legault.
"An invitation to run through the woods, along the seashore and on mountain trails in order to experience moments of sublime delight, personal insight and the healing power of the natural world."

Running the spiritual path. / Roger D. Josllin
"Imagine achieving physical fitness and spiritual growth simultaneously. [...] Through awareness, chants, and visualization, and through attention to the present moment--the weather, pain, or breathing---a simple run can become the basis for a profound spiritual practice [...]."


Room to breathe.

"Room To Breathe is a surprising story of transformation as struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation".

A movie I'm looking forward to watch when it will be available in Europe.
After the introduction of meditation practice in private companies and prisons, shall we have meditation at school ? Oh, let it be so !

"Un Espace pour Respirer est l'histoire d'une transformation surprenante qui a lieu alors que des adolescents en difficulté dans un collège publique à San Francisco sont initiés à la pratique de la méditation de la pleine conscience."

Un film que je me réjouis de regarder quand il sera disponible en Europe.
Après la méditation dans les entreprises et les prisons, la méditation dans les écoles ? Oh, qu'il en soit ainsi!


The moon is always full...

"One moon shows in every pool, in every pool the one moon." 
(Zen haïku)

To be enjoyed in music (click on the picture).


Ani Choying Drolma

Un magnifique chant de cette nonne et chanteuse népalaise. Il s'agit du mantra de la compassion "Namo Ratna Traya". La version live est tout aussi belle.

Site officiel

p.s. merci Tatheena pour la découverte ! :)


Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu

Another mantra...sang by Tina Turner herself (!).

Gayatri Mantra

Cela faisait longtemps que je voulais rendre hommage à la beauté et à la puissance de la musique véhiculée à travers les mantras. Ma vie est quotidiennement inspirée par cette musique divine, simple et profonde, qui relie à l'infini. Deva Premal est l'une des artistes que j'admire le plus, tellement sa voix est remplie...de silence.

It makes a while that I wanted to pay tribute to the beauty and to the power of music conveyed through mantras. My life is constantly inspired by this divine music, simple et profound, which link us to the infinite. Deva Premal is one of the artist that I admire the most, so much her voice is full...of silence.


Peace is now, and only now...

"Regret is the longing to change the past. 
Fear is the desire to control the future. 
Peace is the surrender to Now."

(Jeff Foster)


A fresh new look!

Le site web de Osho International a enfin (!) été mis-à-jour. Et cela vaut le détour... sur le site comme à Poona :)


You are God...

You are not a self
forever seeking God.

You are God
forever seeking a self. 

(Jeff Foster)

Celebrating Gangaji.

Une vidéo qui retrace les (déjà) 20 ans de la Fondation Gangaji. Un très bel hommage à une femme qui a choisit la Liberté, et qui réitère ce choix à chaque instant.

Happy New Year 2014 !

Joyeuse année 2014 à tous !

Qu'elle apporte à chaque être sur Terre, des opportunités infinies de s'éveiller dans la Conscience de l'Amour, et d'évoluer vers toujours plus de Liberté.

Om Shanti Om

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