Knowing why we're here...

"The two most important days in your life 
are the day you were born 
and the day you find out why."

(Mark Twain)

Spiritual running.

"You might not think of running as a meditation, but runners sometimes have felt a tremendous experience of meditation. And they were surprised, because they were not looking for it – who thinks that a runner is going to experience God? But it has happened. And now, more and more, running is becoming a new kind of meditation. It can happen when running." (Osho)

Source: http://osho-wake-up.blogspot.ch/2013/11/running.html
 It makes quite awhile that I wanted to pay tribute to the art of running, as it is not only one of the rare physical activity that I enjoy myself ;) but also because it can be taken as a great meditation and therefore, a spiritual practice. Here are a few quotes and resources related to it.

"If you can do long-distance running, it is a perfect meditation. Jogging, running, swimming-anything in which you can get totally involved--is very good.  Only the activity remains, you are not, because the ego cannot function. When you are running there is really only running, there is no runner. And that's what meditation is.  If there is only dance and no dancer, that's meditation. If you are painting and there is only painting and no painter, then it is meditation. Any activity that is total and in which there is no division between the doer and the done becomes meditation." (Osho)

Running toward stillness. / Stephe Legault.
"An invitation to run through the woods, along the seashore and on mountain trails in order to experience moments of sublime delight, personal insight and the healing power of the natural world."

Running the spiritual path. / Roger D. Josllin
"Imagine achieving physical fitness and spiritual growth simultaneously. [...] Through awareness, chants, and visualization, and through attention to the present moment--the weather, pain, or breathing---a simple run can become the basis for a profound spiritual practice [...]."