A message from Wayne.

For once, I allow myself to display the latest of Wayne's message (Wayne Liquorman alias Ram Tzu). Firstly it's beautiful. Secondly, people who know me will understand why I have...

"Hello my loves, Today I am in love with the world. Not for any particular reason. Other than the fact that it is amazing to be alive. To breathe. To eat a sweet, juicy peach. To touch the flesh of my beloved. To chat with a friend. Shake my head at the news...riots, disease, executions, atrocities... none of which are in my house at the moment. Scratch a bit of sleep from my eye. Catalog today's minor aches and pains and hope I am given the power to get down on the floor and stretch. The fish swim circles in the pond. I can see them without looking. Their problems are not my problems. Today I am in love with the world. This wild, intolerable, mashup, formlessly in order. I am always surprised to experience it this way. It is like when the sun comes out in Scotland. Probably a good idea to strip naked and enjoy it while it lasts! With love" (Wayne)


ÊTRE la vie, plutôt que de la vivre...

Tant qu'à faire, j'en publie une deuxième :)
Cet échange entre Mooji et cette sage en devenir, est tout simplement magnifique.

Choice or destiny.

A beautiful talk from Mooji, about the difference (if there is any) between choice and destiny...


In the memory of Robin Williams.

A man, an actor, a being that has been a true inspiration in my life.
R.I.P. Robin, you'll be greatly missed, but fully remembered and honoured.
Thank you for everything you've been giving to us : tears of sadness, and tears of joy included.
Rest in peace.